The Day was 11 May 2015.

It was the very First attack. As like Mom used to describe us. She used to get tortured like this too for a long time. Actually, that night I was suffering for fever. Thermometer reading was 103. Viral fever. After taken 3 doses of medicine I was feeling better. The mercury level fell down. I was trying hard to sleep, but couldn’t at the initiation. Finally I slept down. Suddenly I felt something never happened to me. May be in dream or wtf, I don’t know if I was sleeping or not. I felt like I was attracted towards downward with a force of giant. It was not following laws of gravitation. I was trying with my full energy to just hoist my hands or hold something down the table or to break anyone’s sleep.

I was totally in sense. But I couldn’t open my eyes. I was totally aware of that Santra is sleeping just another side of the table which was placed between our beds. Roy is on the other side, near to my head. I tried to call them by their names but I was unable to do so. I was also understanding that sound is not coming out of my throat. I was helpless, weak even almost crying.

After few seconds I was able to gather lots of energy and opened my eyes. I woke up and was scared too much.

Unlocked the cellphone. The time was 5:20 am and I was Breathing deep.


অপেক্ষার রামধনু

rainbow of waiting...

এমনি কোনো এক বিবর্ণ উদাসী সকালে…
ভেজা কাক তুমি-আমি, আর ক্যান্টিন ছিল সাক্ষী
আমাকে তোমার চাদরে মোড়ে নিয়ে…
উষ্ণতায় বুজেছিলাম আঁখি ।

খুঁজেছিলাম দীর্ঘশ্বাসের জন্য প্রয়োজনীয় অক্সিজেন..
কোনো এক অচেনা পাহাড়… মুক্তোমাখা দুর্বাদল..
তোমার গাল বেয়ে নেমে আসা অবাধ্য ঝর্ণাধারা..
নিস্তব্ধতার কোলাহলে শুধু আদরের মাখামাখি ।

কোনো শব্দ ছিল না, ঠোঁট ও ছিল ক্লান্ত..
চা এর কাপ থেকে ধুয়া উঠা ও শেষ হয়ে গেছে..
আকাশের নৃশংস গুঞ্জন…ঠোঁটের কোণে আলতো হাসি..
মনের আকাশে এখনো রামধনু উঠা ছিল বাকি ।

মুহূর্তে ঘন্টা কাটিয়ে যখন পঁয়ষট্টি প্রতি কিলোমিটার
বৃষ্টি তখন বড় বড় ঢিল ছুঁড়ছিলো মুখে..
ভিজা চুল উড়িয়ে.. লুকিয়ে আমার পিঠে কাঁপছিলে তুমি …

রামধনু টা তোমারই থাকুক, আমি বৃষ্টি টাই রাখি  …….।।


( the last poem i wrote for you…)


Had dinner with Rice & Dry fish- spring onions fry with lots of green chillies. It was spicy and acrid like any other Thai foods. Outside temperature of the room is almost 8°C in real feel. Too cold for this place than previous.

After dinner watching some trending videos on YouTube & I was feeling sleepy. Well, I m habituated with this routine. Whatever, with the warmth of Blanket I have decided to sleep switching off the lights & put the phone in charge.

I slept, and as always dreams are very familiar with the address of my sleep. They are like those uninvited irritating guests who appears without prior notice.

So, the story is in my dream. I am trying to portray how much I can recollect.

The dream was like that…

I was seeing myself sleeping in a Scandinavian House in UK on a white soft bed with a beautiful British Girlfriend. She was hot. Wearing a pink hot pant and a scy blue t-shirt. It was morning. I woke up and suddenly she kissed me gently and wished good morning. Wow. I felt like I want nothing more than this. Her love and coziness was making me like a baby who wants to be pampered. We shared a hug.

And I was so much excited and happy that I opened my eyes in real. May be to see her. Lol.

And I discovered that I was dreaming. With a grief of half dream & wearing a smile on lips remembering that hot girl I managed to go to the washroom. It was 5:30 am almost. I carry my mobile to bathroom as my habit. Coz I get bored there. Sitting there I was browsing some videos of UK to relate the place with my dream. At that very crucial moment I got an SMS.

The SMS was like

Your A/C XXXXXXX151 Debited INR 6,528.00 on 20/01/18 -Transferred to Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX as the EMI of your Loan Account.

The first thing vanished at that very moment was my smile. I realised that it was much more painful than the broken dreams.

Switched off the phone. Came to the bed & Slept again with a hope to see the rest part of that blonde half dream.

An Evening with an Artist

One of my friends, my best buddy once asked me to go with him somewhere. I didn’t ask ‘where ?’ The place is outskirt of the city. We rode almost 28 kilometres. It was an evening of autumn and light cold air was blowing and the calm moonlight made the piece of time so marvelous.Then opening the gate we entered into a home. Really ? I thought it was a museum or art gallery. The gate was made by the owner himself by iron scarps and it impressed me at the first sight. I was in love with his idea of making it. Then crossing a bamboo garden we entered into the drawing room. The owner welcomed us. I identified that face. He is that energetic professor our my polytechnic institute. I was amazed and felt to peaceful internally seeing his artworks. Every part of this house was furnished with creative ideas. We three sat down and have a conversation of different topics. Then he showed us and described some of his artworks. I clicked some photos. Today I would love to share some pictures I clicked in his Drawing Room or his studio where he spend maximum time of his days.

Each and everyone was a masterpiece itself. Maximum was made by Bamboo, Clay & Jute and was representing the heritage of Tripura.

The art gallery & professor’s creative representations made that evening really an evening to remember forever.

My Little Cactus 🌵

#photography #nature #cactus

That day, I was driving towards my home after the hectic schedule at office. I found a big cactus plant was cut & thrown at an abandoned place just besides the Highway. And some small branch like pieces were spreading near to this big plant.

I went to it and took a small piece of cactus. It was very tiny & the thorns were also soft. For me, it was a baby cactus. It had no roots. Coming home I collected a pot and planted it. I put water everyday before I went out for work. And I made it. It was growing and I was like dancing inside me. I felt so happy that I can’t explain.

The picture I captured was almost 30 days after the plantation. Suddenly, I remember about the mother cactus. May be she died, not even knowing that her child is growing bigger like her day by day.



অল্প কিছু মুহুর্ত বাঁচার জন্য লড়াই ।

শুধু নিজের সাথেই নয়,

লোক দেখানো মিথ্যে সমাজে নিজেকে অন্যের কাছে প্রমাণ করার লড়াই।

আমি আসলে কি করতে চাই কেও কোনোদিন জানতে ও চায়নি,

আর আমিও জানার সেই সুযোগ পাইনি।

মাথার ভিতর জমছে শুধু প্রশ্ন..

আর না দেখা কে দেখার ক্ষুধা ;

আর নিজেকে সমাজে উদাহরণ বানানোর লড়াই ।





Let’s talk about her who made my day. She was really a foodie but vegetarian. Had no attention what’s going on besides, her only concentration was on having her meal. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun sitting on an arm chair. During winter the sun escapes very very fast in my place. The chance of taking a sunbath makes anyone to feel happiest person in the planet. However, I pointed on her, it was cute treat for my eyes. Suddenly I discovered her owner just a few steps away from her. A boy of 17 may be. I called him and showed my interest on her. He actually disclosed my confusion about her gender and make me to understand that the Red mark on her forehead is just to symbolise her gender. As like in Indian culture married women put Vermillion Powder just above their forehead to mark herself as married. Like a stupid I asked him, “Is she married?”.. He smiled. So, my guess was right, she was really a female. She was really pretty and I wished to click some of her pics. Well, she ran away. Somehow i managed to click one or two. But, she ran to her owner. He took her on her lap and was going out. I remembered that I didn’t even ask anyone’s name. I shouted, “what’s your name boy ?”
He was in hurry to go home, didn’t look back, but increasing his voice he loudly replied…